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Multi Best in Show, Multi Best in Specialty Show,

Multi AOM, Select, Am/Can Ch Avatar Luck of the Draw

Am/Can CD, RN

~ Best of Breed - Westminster Kennel Club 2007 ~





Some of Ace's Accomplishments;


  • #1 Rottweiler in the US 2006


  • Best of Breed - Westminster Kennel Club 2007


  • Best of Breed and Group 3rd - 2006 Eukanuba National Dog Show


  • Best Puppy in Show at 10 months old in Canada

  • Awarded Top 20 award at Rottweiler nationals at 2 years old

  • Award of Merit at Westminster Dog show last 2 years

  • Won 8 Best in Specialty Shows 

  • Won 2 all breed Best in Shows

  • Won Canadian Rottweiler National Specialty in 2005

  • Earned Companion Dog obedience title in Grand Rapids

  • Earned Canadian Companion Dog obedience title at 20 months old in London, Ontario

  • Ranked No. 1 in breed with over 2,000 breed points in 2006

  • Ranked No. 1 in group points with over 12,500 points

  • Over 100 Best of Breeds awards

  • Ranked among top 55 of all dogs in country

  • Ranked No. 9 as working dog in country  




Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hartland's top dog goes for Calif. gold

"Rottweiller competes in invitational"  - Valerie Olander / The Detroit News


Terrio plays with the 129-pound Ace, whose formal name is Champion Avatar Luck of the Draw. Ace has won numerous dog show awards and is ranked as the No. 9 working dog in America. "He is the smartest rottweiler I've ever trained," said Terrio, who has trained dogs for 17 years. 


HARTLAND TOWNSHIP --Ace will have a leg up on his competition this weekend at the prestigious American Kennel Club/ Eukanuba National Championship in California.

The 4-year-old rottweiler has fetched the most points for his breed in dog shows this year, including a Best in Show nod and his second Merit Award from the renowned Westminster Kennel Club in February.

"He's top dog in the country out of 10,000 rottweilers in the U.S. He's the Big Kahuna," said owner Patty Terrio of Hartland Township.

Ace, whose full name is Champion Avatar Luck of the Draw, will compete with 11 other top rotts in the invitational. The event will be simulcast on Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel from 8-11 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Cameras are nothing new to the black and tan canine with almond eyes and happy-go-lucky demeanor. Being top dog has its benefits.

During this week's trip to Long Beach, Calif., Ace will stay at the Westin Hotel where he will have his own double bed to stretch out his muscular 129-pound frame.

Ace stays in shape by running from two to five miles a day, running at speeds of 5 mph to 14 mph, Terrio said. She keeps up on a four-wheeler. Working up a healthy appetite, Ace eats at least five cups of dog food a day with a can of food and some table scraps tossed in for good measure.

The celebrity canine hangs his leash in Terrio's Hartland Township home where he lives with a 1-year-old Bengal kitten he'd like to use as a squeaky toy and fellow rottweiler, Flash, 8.

Terrio has been a dog trainer for 17 years and showed several of her rottweilers over the years. Ace, however, is different. "He is the smartest rottweiler, I've ever trained," she said.

Ace frequently tags along to Terrio's Tuesday evening obedience classes in Fenton assisting in the training of other canines in proper doggie etiquette.

Ace has sired six litters of pups with two more. He is in hot demand by breeders. His frozen specimen sells for $1,800 each.

Ace's muscular frame and size is a bit intimidating at first sight, but his wet kisses quickly change minds, especially those of children. He's a popular attraction at Hartland Safety Town, an event that teachers students various safety skills, including how to approach a dog.

"He loves kids. He gets so excited his butt wiggles and he kisses everyone," Terrio said.

"Everyone has a preconceived notion about rottweilers. They just think they're mean and nasty dogs. Properly trained and socialized, they're like any other good house dog. They're people dogs, devoted family pets."

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