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Beloved artist Pidney Davidson has just released his newest print, called "Playtime", who just happens to be of our boy, Duke (VV-1, BPIG Cdn. Ch. Trojan's Cast A Giant Shadow HIC), drawn from an original photograph taken by Martin Hershberg.





Rottie Puppies...  Always looking for an opportunity to play and constantly making us smile... 

Memories of the puppies that have been in my life were present daily as I worked on this new drawing and it is with much pride that I present to you my new limited edition print titled "Playtime"

"Playtime" is being offered as a limited edition print and on short sleeve t's, long sleeve t's and sweatshirts.

We are now accepting orders for the prints and shirts and below is information on each.  I have attached a digital photo of the drawing for you to see.

Note:  Recently my computer crashed and I lost much of my e-mail address book.  I would appreciate it if you would forward this e-mail to those you think would be interested and I thank you in advance for your kindness.

Have a great week and God bless.



Edition Size:  75 Artist Proofs / 200 Signed Numbered Prints
Size:  13 1/2" wide x 19" tall
Medium:  Pencil
Price:  AP $65  /  SN $45
Shipping:  $12 for the first print and @2 for each additional print if shipped together

Image screened on the front in black ink

SST:  Colors / Sand / Gray / Light Blue / Lavender  $20
:  Colors / Gray / Sand  $25
:  Colors / Sand / Gray / Light Blue  $30
:  Small through 3 XL
Shipping:  $6 for the first shirt and $1 for each additional shirt if shipped together


To Order Or For More Information

Phone:  1-859-986-7800
Fax:  1-859-985-5514

Visa  /  MC  / Am Exp accepted






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